My Chapbook

In February 2014, Spoon River Poetry Press published my chapbook, Four Seasons West of the 95th Meridian.

Chapbook image


You can order it via the website.  If you happen to read it, feel free to rate (and review) it on Goodreads.

Here is the table of contents:

I. Loves & Affinities

Driving to Pleasant Valley Cabins on Our Wedding Night

Morning Nudes

Reading Student Essays

On John Coltrane’s “My Favorite Things”

When day breaks and shadows flee

An Overview of Parenting

Supernatural Adaptation

Student Writing

Collegiate Villanelle

The Perfect Workshop Poem

Once More to the Shed

II. Four Seasons West of the 95th Meridian

A Northern Plains’ Villanelle

The First Sixty-Degree Day

Instructions for Traveling Country Roads

Homage to the Northern Plains

Agrarian Pantoum

View from a Window Facing West

Farming in the Drought

Rural Teleportation

The Abandoned Farmhouse

November Morning


On the Great Plains

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