Writing During the Quarantine

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve followed Twitter threads where writers share their experiences of writing in such a time as this. Some writers stated that they have found the extra time very productive for writing, others expressed difficulty in writing because of upended routines, and still others said that during this time, their writing has altogether ceased. For well over a month I identified with the last group. But now, I’m in the first group. What changed?

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My Top 10 Books of 2018

I read all good books this year. Well, I did start one that I didn’t finish, and you can read about that experience in an earlier post. That wasn’t a good book. But of all the books I finished, all were good. As a result, it was difficult to pick out my ten favorites, but here they are.

Disclaimer: only one of these books was published in 2018. Only 3 of the books that I read this year were published in 2018.

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To Autumn

Three Saturdays prior, autumn arrived, my favorite time of the year. I awoke to rain, and the temperature hovering around 70. The higher temperature and humidity had finally broken, at least for a weekend.

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