Back to Writing (again)

The longer I’ve lived the writing life, the more I’m learning about and accepting the idea of seasons. I’ve learned the value of resting from writing and during that same time the value (and joy) of losing myself in reading books. Now that it’s one full month into a new year, a season of more regular writing has (at last!) sprouted new life.

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Reading is Rest

Three months ago Measuring Time & Other Stories was published, and since its release, this space has been quiet. Other than a handful of social media posts during the initial release phase and promoting my two book-launch events, my social media accounts also have been mostly quiet. Why, exactly?

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Book Launch

This week marks the “official” release of Measuring Time & Other Stories from Wiseblood Books. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I’ll be at the Catholic Imagination Conference at Loyola in Chicago promoting the book at my publisher’s table. Folks on my book-launch team have already begun posting about the book on social media, and reading their words gave me encouragement.

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