Recap—#1000wordsofsummer 2.0

In 2018, I participated in the first challenge, the goal being to write 1,000 words/day for 14 straight days. Although I was on vacation for the latter half of the challenge, I managed to draft a lot of content. I took 2019 off because I had finished final edits for Measuring Time & Other Stories, and I needed to recharge. This year, however, I wanted to give #1000WordsOfSummer another go.

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Writing During the Quarantine

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve followed Twitter threads where writers share their experiences of writing in such a time as this. Some writers stated that they have found the extra time very productive for writing, others expressed difficulty in writing because of upended routines, and still others said that during this time, their writing has altogether ceased. For well over a month I identified with the last group. But now, I’m in the first group. What changed?

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Back to Writing (again)

The longer I’ve lived the writing life, the more I’m learning about and accepting the idea of seasons. I’ve learned the value of resting from writing and during that same time the value (and joy) of losing myself in reading books. Now that it’s one full month into a new year, a season of more regular writing has (at last!) sprouted new life.

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