Writing During the Quarantine

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve followed Twitter threads where writers share their experiences of writing in such a time as this. Some writers stated that they have found the extra time very productive for writing, others expressed difficulty in writing because of upended routines, and still others said that during this time, their writing has altogether ceased. For well over a month I identified with the last group. But now, I’m in the first group. What changed?

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Book Launch

This week marks the “official” release of Measuring Time & Other Stories from Wiseblood Books. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I’ll be at the Catholic Imagination Conference at Loyola in Chicago promoting the book at my publisher’s table. Folks on my book-launch team have already begun posting about the book on social media, and reading their words gave me encouragement.

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from Measuring Time: “Tomorrow Morning is Never Soon Enough”

Today is the last post of 12 discussing the stories in my forthcoming Measuring Time & Other Stories (out in September from Wiseblood Books). For the past months, I’ve been sharing the composition history of these stories that I’ve worked on and lived with for years. I’ve enjoyed journeying back in time and reflecting on these stories, and I’m excited for readers to enter the fictional worlds I’ve created.

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