Revising a Novel

Today I’m beginning a project a long overdue: revising a novel from 8 years ago. In an earlier post, I shared some background information. Today I am beginning the revision journey, dedicating the next six weeks to writing a second draft.

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from Measuring Time: “450 Miles to Minot”

This is the opening piece in my forthcoming Measuring Time & Other Stories (out this fall from Wiseblood Books). Minot, North Dakota, as the title indicates, is important to the narrative, with the ending scene depicting the protagonist, Hannah, arriving in “The Magic City,” as it’s known. (The story was originally titled “To the Magic City.)

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from Measuring Time: “On the Hi-Line”

In my last post, I discussed the challenge of writing “Vocations,” and my story “On the Hi-Line” also stretched me as a writer. It found a home in issue 2.1 of Driftwood Press, and in the issue’s Q&A, I share some of the writing history of the story.  Continue reading “from Measuring Time: “On the Hi-Line””