Talking with a Stranger

Two Saturdays ago, my family and I painted our home office, its previous color a tired butterscotch. Before lunch, the four of us almost finished the first coat of a refreshing light blue, but we needed another gallon. I volunteered to pick up another can of paint at one of the local home-improvement stores.

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Learning Bach

As a part of the 30-day phone detoxing that I underwent last month, I typed a list of activities I enjoyed, a list to aid me as I gained more time as a result of using my phone less. What things might I do with that extra time? One of the first things I listed was play piano.

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My Experiment: Digital Sabbath

For 24 hours, from Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon, I didn’t use my phone, tablet, or computer. I turned off all of those devices. This digital sabbath was part of my phone detox plan as outlined in the book How to Break-up With Your Phone. My wife participated with me as well.

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