A Moving Moment

3 times a week, my university holds a chapel session for students, faculty, and staff.  Within this particular setting, students are very open about expressing themselves by dancing, clapping, raising their hands, and kneeling at the altar to pray.

During the music portion of chapel this morning, I spotted one of my students approach a kneeler to pray.  As the music continued, I noticed several other students come up front to pray with this student and to lay hands on him.  I recognized some of these other students as my own.

I ceased singing, instead almost losing my composure over this act of community and fellowship.  My throat tightened, and I could sense tears forming.

I thought about how my students lift one another up in prayer, how they encourage one another.  These actions give me hope for my students and for their peers who make up the next generation of the church.

I am so thankful to teach and learn at a place such as this.

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