Music Appreciation #2

As I said at the start of the series, I’m not attempting the impossible task of ranking these musical artists.  This entry is focused a more recent musical discovery I made.

God Is An Astronaut

What?  Did he mistype that name?  Nope, I did not, dear reader(s).  I discovered this band while using Pandora as I was steadily compiling a station of instrumental rock.  I then found all of their albums on Spotify, purchasing three of their albums shortly thereafter:

“All is Violent, All is Bright” (2005)

“Age of the Fifth Sun” (2010)

“God is an Astronaut” (2008)

I’ve always been a fan of instrumental music, especially classical and jazz, but I was intrigued to hear a band structure a song as a more “standard” rock composition minus vocals.  But I should add a qualifier.  The main guitarist, Torsten Kinsella, uses vocal effects, “singing” at various points.  And he has about a billion different guitar effects’ pedals that he uses.


Here’s a nice pic of his collection from which he drew for their newest album, Origins, which was released at the end of August.  The new album, just as their previous work, is emotional, melodic, and cinematic.  They can rock, but they can also be soft and subtle.  Another important aspect of their music, is that all of us (the wife and the kids) can agree on it.  A band that can satisfy four different listeners must be doing something right.  🙂

So where might you start?  I’m glad you asked.  Here’s a couple of my favorite GIAA tunes:

“Echoes” from God is an Astronaut

“Remembrance Day” from All is Violent, All is Bright

A full concert from 2011.

Here’s my favorite song from the new album: “Red Moon Lagoon.”

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