Labor Day Weekend in Southwestern Minnesota

For the last two years, my family and I have made our usual trek to Minnesota at the beginning of August. This time serves as a respite from the Texas heat, providing refreshment before the start of a new school year.

Unfortunately, we had to make a return trip to Minnesota just a few weeks after we returned to Texas. My father-in-law unexpectedly passed away.

My in-laws’ farmstead is one of my favorite places in the world, but this visit was, understandably, much more somber. On the night that my son and I arrived (my wife and daughter having flown in three days earlier), I walked that familiar stretch of Jackson County 24.

It was around 70 that evening, perfect for shorts and a t-shirt: my favorite attire. I listened, as always in times of grief, to the music of Hammock, pausing to take these pictures.






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