Reading List 2020

I read a lot of good books last year, and what follows is the alphabetized list. In previous years, I’ve created a post of my Top 10 books of the year, but I decided to forego that this year. Maybe you’ll find something on this list that is of interested to you!

Jennifer Ackerman–The Genius of Birds

Aeschylus–The Orestia

Aristophanes–Lysistrata and Other Plays

Aristotle–Nichomachean Ethics

James Baldwin–Notes of a Native Son

Ann Beattie–The New Yorker Stories

Italo Calvino–If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler

Nicolas Carr–The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

Raymond Carver–Collected Stories

Willa Cather–O, Pioneers!

John Cheever–The Stories of John Cheever

Roy Peter Clark–How to Write Short

Cyzewski, Ed–Reconnect: Spiritual Restoration from Digital Distraction

Annie Dillard–Teaching a Stone to Talk

Fyodor Dostoyevsky–The Idiot

Richard Ford–Sorry for Your Trouble: Stories

E.M. Forester–A Room With a View

Jen Stewart Fueston–Madonna, Complex

Diane Glancy–Stone Heart–A Novel of Sacajawea

Lauren Groff–Florida

Fr. Albert Haase–Catching Fire, Becoming Flame

Edith Hamilton–Mythology

Dashiell Hammett–The Maltese Falcon

Tony Hoagland–Priest Turned Therapist Treats Fear of God: Poems

Homer–The Illiad

Homer–The Odyssey

Joshua Hren–In the Wine Press: Short Stories

Fr. Thomas Keating–Open Mind, Open Heart

Garrison Keillor–Liberty

Sinclair Lewis–It Can’t Happen Here

Cal Newport–Digital Minimalism

Tommy Orange–There, There

Henry David Thoreau–Walden

John Steinbeck–The Short Novels

Leo Tolstoy–War and Peace

Jeanne Murray Walker–Pilgrim, You Find the Path by Walking: Poems

James Matthew Wilson–The Strangeness of the Good

Tish Warren–Liturgy of the Ordinary

David Wright–Local Talent

Brian Zahnd–Postcards from Babylon

Brian Zahnd–The Unvarnished Jesus

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